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Who we are

Continero is new software and consulting company. Our goal is to elevate your business through modern development practices, which will enable you to work more efficiently and with more stable releases and reliable products.

Check out our customizable products, which can help you create robust automation suites that can run on any platform and ensure the quality of any product.

We also offer consulting services that can shape your development to follow the latest trends and processes.

Looking for career oportunities?

Our products

Automation testing framework


Through our automated testing framework you can develop automated front-end and back-end test suites, which are easily integrable and maintained. With our reporting connectors and tools you are able to connect to any test reporting or ticketing systems in order to collect and display test results and recorded test measurements.

Do you need to test browser applications, test your APIs, review correct data in databases or connect to messaging services? This is the framework for you.

Mobile Manager


 Do you need to develop mobile applications that are reliable and robust? Do they run on Android and Apple OS? You cannot do that without testing your application on mobile devices. But how to manage all those different devices and use them in Continuous development processes? This is where Mobile Manager thrives. It allows you to integrate any mobile device you have in your company and access it through one platform. 

Consulting Services

Continuous development


From our development experiences across a lot of IT companies and implementation of agile and incremental development principles, we can offer you reliable and working strategies how to best implement them in your environment. We have experiences in almost all Continuous integration tools out there, so we can customize any process just for you. 

Source control


With proper Source Control, you can follow the modern development principles and create a robust code which is maintainable and testable.   We can help you set it up, connect it with Continuous integration tools and help you set up all necessary steps towards having a reliable development through individual training. 

Software automation


We can help you create automation which increase code quality through automatic per commit builds, run unit tests and functional tests or perform static code analysis. All these will lead to a more stable development environment, code quality and solving issues immediately per each commit. 

External C# development

Backend & Architecture


Our backend developers have worked in companies known all around the globe with top end technologies and methodologies. We focus on delivering the right solution for your problem, whether its a small application, backbone communication system or large distributed system.



We offer modern frontend solutions based on latest technologies. We are open to building solutions from scratch based on mockups or with 3rd party frameworks. Our goal is to write fully responsive and easily maintainable code, that can be automatically tested without the maintenance overhead.

Quality assurance


Our QA is strongly focused on automation and development processes. We believe that automation combined with agile methodologies and continuous integration is indeed a powerful tool. We develop and enhance our own testing framework that is freely distributed and can be used for testing any scenario.

Technology stack


Automation Framework

Automation testing framework

We have created our customizable testing framework in C#, based on the PageObject pattern with detailed logging and the possibility to execute tests in parallel. It's perfect for the fast introduction of automation into any team or project and brings easy long-term maintenance of functional, integration and performance testing, with the benefit of a steep learning curve for the users.

Front-end and back-end testing

With our solution, you can automate any user-triggered interaction with the software done by keyboard, mouse or touch. The framework features image comparison for simple detection of design changes against chosen patterns.

We are supporting UI automation of all most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari, Opera) in both desktop and mobile versions, both major mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and Win32 and UWP desktop applications on Windows 10 (depends on the application).

The framework also allows interaction with lower layers of the application, use API endpoints (restful, soap) for testing business logic, access data stored in databases (SQL, Entity Framework, MongoDB) and test message brokers like RabbitMQ.

Integration testing

With our framework, it's easy to implement both synchronous and asynchronous integration between all supported platforms. It does not matter if the applications are all on one device or each on a separate one, your own or 3rd party, everything can be integrated into complex testing scenarios.

Performance testing

Our framework is ready to create tests for collecting performance data about the tested application in several categories. You will be able to monitor long-term changes in behavior from all types of performance tests and have hard data for optimization of your resources and priorities for your business.

Mobile Manager

Mobile management

Mobile devices are often distributed across multiple teams without proper oversight which might lead to less effective utilization.

We offer an in-house solution for mobile management. You will always know where the specific device is, what team is using it at the moment and also how long a particular user will use it.

Remote management and testing

By using our Mobile Manager website tool, you can work with any connected mobile device without the need for direct access. Remotely you can access any device, issue specific commands or create reservations for testing.

Our goal is to work with the mobile devices in a Continuous integration in a way that you can interconnect Mobile Manager and use it with any Continuous Integration tool or testing framework.

Android & iOS support

Concurrent solutions mostly offer only one mobile operating system which is not the case for Mobile Manager. You can use both mobile operating systems without any drawbacks. Yes, there are few specific dependencies you need to hit at first, but after this initial setup, most of the times you will not spot any difference using our solution.

Allows usage of your own mobile devices

Most of the concurrent cloud-based solutions offer to use any of their mobiles for your automation. However, they do not let any of your mobile devices to be part of the automation process. We can incorporate all your mobile devices to work within the automation process in a way that you can use only our solution or integrate it with any other cloud-based solution you might already have.

On premise and cloud version

Your own devices connected to Mobile Manager and to our own mobile devices that we offer in the cloud version. Mobile Manager can be connected to any other running instance merging the mobile devices with each other. With this, you can use any devices connected to any other Mobile Manager no matter where it is running. 

Using multiple Mobile Manager instances means, that you can connect your company offices and use any device located all over the world.

Continuous development

Continuous integration & delivery

Our team can help you evaluate your current development processes, identify potential improvements and help you execute them.

Testable software

Successful continuous development starts with proper software implementation. With our help your software will be testable and stable with every release.


If you're not sure how to set up your CI/CD pipelines, let us help. Using our experience with most used Ci/CD Tools, such as TeamCity, Jenkins, TFS or Bamboo, we will help you reach the desired goal.

Source control

Our team can help you setup source control which enables you to follow the latest Agile and Continuous integration principles. We can train your developers to use proper Git flow and branching strategies.

We have experience with a variety of source management tools like Git, Perforce, TFS, GitLab and many others. All these tools can be integrated with other continuous integration tools like TeamCity, Jenkins or Bamboo to form a full continuous development process.

Software automation

Automation strategies

Each product is unique and requires a different approach to both development and testing. With our assistance you can find the best strategy for your product.

Test-driven development

TDD is one of the most advanced development techniques. Be ahead of your competition and implement this approach to develop new features with predefined conditions and behavior.

Automation-friendly development

Successful automated testing starts with your software. Apply correct development techniques to increase testability and stability.

How to be effective with automation

Automation can become very expensive without proper value delivered. We can help you find just the right balance to get the most out of it.



As our company starts to grow, we are looking for new people to join our currently small team. We are looking for all experience levels

   senior experts

   junior developers

   students looking for starting their IT career

We can offer you our knowledge and possibilities to try new technologies and experience the startup environment.

Some of our clients are abroad, so if you want to try working in a different country, the possibilities are here.

What we offer?

We are small team of software developers, who loves to work with modern technologies. With us you will work with Attlasian tools - Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket, Continuous integration tools - TeamCity, Jenkins or TFS and Container technologies - Docker or Kubernetes.

As we are coffee lovers you will always find fresh beans in our office with AiroPress or FrenchPress.

For students

As our office is in CERIT - which is part of the Faculty of informatics (Masaryk University), we can offer you a floating work schedule to fit it nicely in your daily schedule. And as your semester comes to the end and exams starts to pile up, we will prepare individual work plan so you have enough time to handle it all.

You do not have to meet all the expected skills, if you have knowledge of some come talk to us - we can train you ourselfs after all :)


We are looking for an experienced web developer, who would help us build a frontend to our newly developed tools. You will work closely with our Backend developers to transform the data into professional websites.

Expected skills and technologies

        ASP.NET,  .NET/.NET Core 

        React, Javascript

        WEB API

        SOLID, DRY, TDD 


We are looking for an experienced backend and integration developer. Our tools are mostly working with other systems, so this position is a lot about integrating 3rd party applications, data mining, and data transformation into our databases and systems. You should not be scared of creating Prove of concepts and throwing it away after successful trials to develop it again with more complexity. 

Expected skills and technologies

   .NET/.NET Core

   Databases, Entity Framework

   REST API, Integrations, Messaging




For our tools written in PHP, we are looking for a frontend & backend developer. You should be able to write object-oriented code, know how to create both frontend pages or backend controllers.

Expected skills and technologies

   PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS


   Object oriented programming

   Familiarity with Linux environment

   Frameworks - Symfony or other


We are looking for a Test Engineer who is not afraid of development and automation. You will work with all our applications whether its frontend or backend, pc or mobile - you can try all. We will give you tools and knowledge to automate anything, and if you are opened to it, you will help us with the development of our Testing framework - AutomationCore. 

Expected skills and technologies

   Knowledge of any object oriented language (prefered C# or Java)

   Manual or automated testing experience

   Understanding of API's

   Selenium, Appium


Our team has lived in multiple development environments. We had the "luck" to work in the old Waterfall world which gave us great insight when we stepped on the agile train and had to rework every process from the waterfall to the new agile way. As this process was slow and in large IT companies it was rolled out slowly team by team, we could observe the advantages and disadvantages in both processes. With the agile came the automation and integration of source control with the continuous integration tools. 

As part of the development teams back then, we saw the benefits of this change and embraced the new possibilities which were not possible before. We help to reshape the development, bring in new ways how to ensure stable coding, improve the quality of our products on all platforms and help the business grow.

So now with all this experience, we formed our company to help you evolve your business, bring the modern processes and tools which will make you more efficient. 

Our Mission

To provide the most reliable solutions for our customers.


At Continero, we all come to work every day because we want to solve problems in development on all platforms. There are a lot of challenges in the development lifecycle and when it comes to the automation, it gets even more complex. And this is where we thrive. Our goal is to automate your processes, improve the quality of your development, application quality and automatic deployments.

The Team

David Fogl



Daniel Petrásek



Zbyněk Haroš



Michal Paukert



Filip Richtárik



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